Tuesday, November 08, 2005

October Happenings

From the recent lack of postings (owing to technical problems!), it may well have appeared that not a lot has been happening at KnitBelgium.... Well, you would be wrong. Take a look!

Remember Birch?

Accessories were popular this month. Perhaps this is with the onset of winter?

Anne is modelling her fantastic Karis designed by Sharon Miller. It was featured in Rowan Magazine Number 36 and uses Rowan Kidsilk Haze, here in shade 582 Trance.

Anne in Karis
Another of her designs made an appearance. The Angela Wrap beautifully and skillfully knitted by Vera in Heirloom Knitting's Merino Lace yarn in ocean blue.

Vera's Angela Wrap
Big Favourite

A big favourite of KnitBelgium, Kidsilk Haze, featured in many of the projects.

Lizzie has almost completed half of Trinket from Kim Hargreaves in the new colour 578 Swish.

Lizzie's Trinket
Vera was crocheting a fantastic scarf using a Rowan motif.

Vera's Kidsilk Scarf
If you unsure about how fine the yarn is, take a look at Christine casting-on with it!

Christine casting-on with Rowan's Kidsilk Haze
Big Hit

There was another big hit. Can you spot it?

Vera's Wilo and Eowyn
Here's another clue.

Christine and Rika
It is Wilo from the current Rowan Magazine Number 38 in Rowan Kid Classic and Rowan Lurex Shimmer.

Lizzie has used Kid Classic in 832 Peat with Lurex Shimmer in 331 Claret.

Lizzie's Wilo
Vera has used Kid Classic in shades 847 Cherry Red and 849 Sandstone for both Eowyn and Wilo with a slight variation to the the scarf pattern.

Vera's Wilo
Christine has used Kid Classic in 844 Frilly and Lurex Shimmer in 333 Pewter again with a slight variation to the pattern.

Christine's Wilo
And here is Rika practising with spare yarn to make Wilo....

Rika practising
Bigger Projects

There were many bigger projects being worked and finished. Here are a few.

Marie-Paula finished her amazing wrap-over cardigan which has an intriguing crochet trim around the collar that becomes the ties. Why amazing? The pattern was featured in the magazine Rakam which is only published in Italian. Marie-Paula cannot speak Italian but has somehow managed to decipher the pattern!

Marie-Paula's Wrap-over Cardigan
One of our most prolific knitters, Gaby was working on yet another garment for one of her grandchildren!

Marie Rose was working on the back of her jumper using a beautiful tweed yarn.

Marie Rose
And Lizzie was busy knitting Plaid from Rowan Magazine Number 38 for her husband, Patrick. She is using one of her favourite yarns, Rowan Yorkshire Tweed DK in shades 347 Skip and 352 Goose.

Lizzie's Plaid
Big Welcome

October also saw the arrival of many new faces to KnitBelgium, some you may have spotted already! A big 'official' welcome to Jenny (good luck with the house move), Lucette, Marie-Paula and Rika.

And finally....

It is quite noticeable that we all start off with good intentions....

Vera and Christine
but end up....

Marie Rose



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