Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Th(r)ee Sisters Update

Friday 26 May saw our first 'Tree Gathering'.

Marie Rose, Nell (under the table!), Helen, Gaby and Vera
We were overwhelmed by the turnout and the amazing amount of 'lapjes' that had already been created.

Yarn Donations

We were amazed by the number of yarn donations!

Wool Donations
Thank you to everyone, especially to the Family Lannoye and Rowan Yarns.

Fantastic Progress

Despite two of our 'Tree Jumper Leaders', Anne (her car broke down on the way) and Martha being unable to come, we made fantastic progress.

In closer detail, here is the 'organic' tree jumper.

The 'Organic' Jumper
Anne's 'bright and funky' tree jumper.

The 'Bright and Funky' Jumper
And the 'romantic' tree jumper of Martha.

The 'Romantic' Jumper
Thank you

We had a wonderful day as pampered guests of the delightful Vera and her lovely family. THANK YOU!

And Finally....

Just thought you might like to see this picture....

Helen with Cappuccino and Cake
No KnitBelgium get together would be complete without the regulation cappucinno and cake!

Helen and Lizzie

Xavier Tricot
For more information click here

Het Wit Huis

Would you like to help us?
If you would like to participate in this project then please contact Lizzie via email.

Next 'Tree' Meeting
Thursday 2 June 2005
(more details can be obtained from Lizzie via email)

Wool Donations
Please contact Lizzie via email.


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