Sunday, May 22, 2005

T(h)ree Sisters by Xavier Tricot

Xavier Tricot
This summer, Xavier Tricot, will dress three trees in knitted jumpers as part of T(h)ree knitting sisters, an exhibition for the blind at Het Wit Huis (White House), Spermalie, Loppem (near Bruges).

Het Wit Huis
In this extraordinary work, the trees will look like they are dressed in beautiful knitted garments but at the same time, the texture in the knitting will provide a richly tactile experience for visually impaired visitors.

The Three Trees
Xavier's vision is very poetic, playing on famous historical and literary themes. This plastic work refers to the three sister goddesses (in Greek mythology) who preside over birth, life and death of men. Clotho fabricated the thread of a man's life at his birth. Lachesis measured its length and determined its character and Atropos cut it off with her shears. But it refers also to the Three Sisters, a famous play by Checkov and the sister Brönte (who were very creative).

The Three Trees (close-up)
KnitBelgium has been invited to create the garments. On Thursday 12th May, Xavier joined us in the Lepelblad to meet everyone and talk about the project. This was a wonderful and inpiring afternoon.

Xavier meets KnitBelgium
We are absolutely delighted to be given the opportunity as this is a great social project and one in which everyone can participate.

Xavier showing pictures
The jumpers have been designed to be knit in panels. Everyone can bring their own ideas and skills to the panels they work on by using different yarns and stitches to make the work varied and interesting.

A Panel
We hope to involve as many knitters as possible, no matter what their ability. Even if they can only knit one panel, do a little bit of oneor even just one row, it will all help.

Another Panel....
We also need lots of yarn. So if you have any old balls, no matter what type, colour or quantity, which you can donate to the project please save it for us!

Xavier Tricot
For more information click here

Het Wit Huis

Would you like to help us?
If you would like to participate in this project then please contact Lizzie via email.

Next 'Tree' Meeting
Friday 27 May 2005
Drongen (more details can be obtained from Lizzie via email)

Wool Donations
Please contact Lizzie via email.


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